Are Google Answer Boxes good for SEO?

Google answer boxes are awesome for SEO!

Remember Google tries to answer your question in as little clicks as possible, so if you ask a

  • who is?
  • what is?
  • where is?
  • etc….

question and they have an answer google will put it on the page (instead of giving you only a link to the page with the answer).


For example if you want to know when an flight arrives you won’t have to click into airline website any more and click around, you can just type into google “when does flight ua 405 arrive” or “what is the arrival time of UA 405” and google will display the closest results, including Terminal and Gate, it’s just wonderful!



So if you can get your site to show up in one of the google answer boxes that will definitely help with SEO.

You get almost a SERP 0-zero position and many people will click through if they want more information.


Like this example of a buddy of mine who wrote an article on “How to slide on your longboard


There was just an article written to explain a how to do sliding on a longboard, and the information is clear and bullet points.

Google recognized this as a great answer to the question and now it helps to drive traffic to hisĀ longboard shop website.

Now of course the trick is to figure out how to think inside the box.